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According to LA Casting, the commercial casting service used by Los Angeles Agents, more than 20,000 kids under 18, with agents, audition in LA year round. The number swells to 21,360 during pilot season, adding 320 more boys and 800 more girls. ADDING approximately 1000 other children in the pilgrimage to Hollywood EACH year. In general, assume there are about 1,500 children (ex. Boys 8-10 years old) that compete every day.
  The number swells to about 21,360 during pilot season, adding 320 more boys and 800 more girls.   

The numbers are further verified as reasonable, when looking at Breakdown Services. In early 2012, the total number of child actors WITH agents, listed in LA, aged 0 - 16 is 20,017. Those with only managers, in other locations, or unrepresented are all additional to that 20,000 number. 
There are roughly 40 agents in Los Angeles who handle children. The biggest ones have over 1,000 children on their roster.  So even within an agency it is not unusual to see competing 5 -12 kids who are the same age and ethnicity.  

Business Basics

What is  Pilot  Season?
Traditional pilot season is the period of time between January and April (give or take) when the studios create samples of new shows. A pilot is one episode of a show that is ordered by the network as a test. They will cast it, produce it, test it with audiences and studio executives and decide whether to pick it up as a regular series. That series will be shown in the fall. Casting for the test episodes used to be done in a frenzy during pilot season.

What CAN I expect my child to make if they are lucky enough to book a job ?

Most child actors Get Union Scale. 
( example )
SAG union minimums as of 2009  
Commercials:  $592.20/day plus residuals.
Day Player on a Movie or Network TV Show:  $782/day or $2,713/week Average 

Kid series regular on a network one hour TV show:  avg. $20,000 for a pilot, $10,000 a week if it gets picked up.   Many films are classified as low-budget, and make $100 day or even less. 

Portions of above Copy Provided by: http://www.bizparentz.org/home.html 

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