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Giving USA reports:   Americans Gave $335.17 Billion to Charity in 2013

Online giving in 2013 grew 13.5% year-over-year for the nonprofit organizations in the analysis. Online fundraising continues to be a growth engine for nonprofit organizations, and there is no reason to expect this growth to slow for the foreseeable future. 

A typical Colorado household gave 4.2 percent of its discretionary income to charity. The state has some of America’s top fundraising groups, including Compassion International, which collected more money from private sources than all but 25 other groups in 2010, according to The Chronicle’s Philanthropy 400. Other big charities in the state include Young Life, Focus on the Family, Junior Achievement Worldwide, and the United States Olympic Committee.

Philanthropy.com reports
Denver Metro Area contributed $1,283,042,810 
to nonprofits in 2010.

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