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Modeling for children and teens can be a great way to learn new life skills, and if you're fortunate, a great way to make extra cash!

If you're naturally comfortable in front of a camera, enjoy attention, take direction well and have a spark about you, then modeling may be an excellent  path for you.

What type of modeling is available for the younger generation?

There are a number of categories that may offer excellent opportunities in the field of modeling.  There's runway, print, catalog, hand, feet, nose, ears, eyes, and various parts of the body that we'll leave to adult entertainment.

So You Think You Want to Model?
In most cases when youth are hired for a modeling assignment, the casting director is usually attempting to match a family that looks similar.

As you can imagine, if the adult models portraying mom and dad are both blond haired with blue eyes, there's going to be a lot of young models submitting portfolios sporting blond hair and blue eyes.

How do you stand out from the crowd?

That's where Hollywood Kids Talent helps!

We train aspiring young models and provide you with education, tools, advice, guidance, showcase opportunities and industry exposure so you show up like the star  you already are, getting you booked with an agency in your area, stat!  

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